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Product and Process

At Wooden Floors by Malcolm refinishing is all we do! This means that through our quality and service commitments we are willing and able to deliver what other companies cannot or will not. We are handcrafters of commodity textile - beautiful durable wooden surfaces. The rich full-bodied appearance of hand crafted wooden surfaces in your home. Not the manufactured look of pre-finished boards.

At Wooden Floors by Malcolm our craftspeople (craftsmen) are much more than the skilled labourers of other companies. Our craftspeople have the experience the skill, the quality mindedness, integrity and toughness to do it right! -- step-by-step -- foot-by-foot -- room-by-room -- client after client. We know that many of our competitors call the job done with less than half of what we put into our process and materials.

We know that you are going to pay other costs than what you pay us to get your floors done. Thickness will be removed from a costly installation, and you will likely have to vacate spaces in your home and move back in again and put up with some disruption, regardless of whether you get a beautiful surface of quality built to last ... or something else.

Wooden Floors by Malcolm will not offer you less than quality-handcrafted surfaces that are beautiful and durable, because refinishing is all we do! We hope you will be pleased with your choice not only when the work is done, but also 10 years later.


At Wooden Floors by Malcolm we make scheduling commitments responsibly.  After we make a scheduling commitment with you, we will turn away additional work that unreasonably encroaches on the quality time that you have already scheduled with us.  At Wooden Floors by Malcolm we listen responsively.  Why?  Because we can!

Since refinishing is all we do, we have expertise and problem solving means that other companies do not have. Service at Wooden Floors by Malcolm means taking a little longer for a highly detailed specification / consultation, listening to what you want in terms of outcome, be it just durable wooden surfaces or as part of an overall remodelling project.

Our service commitment also extends into our colour work. If you're doing a custom stain we offer a wide selection of stains (more than paint stores carry) in the colour range you seek.

Wooden Floors by Malcolm service standards also means offering prices that make for a complete job.  Do you need doorway thresholds? Quarter round?  Is there some piece of woodwork that is not flooring or stairway work that will look tired and out of place if it is not taken care of? Our quality service ethic pushes the envelope in this respect, for your advantage also.

When we prepare a specification / consultation for you it is the most detailed and thorough.  It will specify what we are going to do.  It will outline the process we will use. It will specify exactly what materials we will be using (we spend 2 or 3 times the industry average on our finishes).  We want you to know the difference before you decide whom to hire.  Our quotation will note when we will start, how long the work will take and what our completion target is.



Serving: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Caledonia, Greater Toronto Region
with Quality Wooden Floor and Stair Refinishing since 1987.

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